Child Care Provisions

Child Care Provisions

CHILD CARE PROVISION – The pool offers a provision for non-members who are either providing childcare for a member’s child(ren) or for non-members who are minor children in the care of a member. This provision may also be used upon agreement of the member, for the non-member parent in situations of split or joint custody among divided families. In order for permission to be granted for such use of the Club, the following conditions must be met and the application and appropriate fee(s) be submitted to the club. The application can be downloaded from the website or contact Julie Sullivan at 787-8903 to have one mailed to you.

  1. Non-members may use the club ONLY when in the company of the named Club member. THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED A POOL MEMBERSHIP!
  2. Use of CWSC under the childcare provision is restricted to the days and hours stated on the application
  3. The adult CWSC member is responsible for the care and supervision of the non-member child(ren). Non-member children being cared for may not come to CWSC only accompanied by the member’s young child(ren).

In the case of a member providing care for a non-member, the MAXIMUM number of children allowed is TWO, so as to avoid day care facilities. The MAXIMUM age allowed for a non-member child is 12.

The fee for each non-member child is $100. The fee for non-member adult care providers or non-member parent in split family situations is $100. If the non-member parent is remarried, the fee is doubled when both non-member adults plan to attend.

Click here to download the Child Care Application, fill it out online and mail it in!