Pool Guest Policy


  • Admission to the pool is limited to members in good standing, their families as listed on their application, and guests of members. All guests must be signed-in by a member or present a signed guest pass.
  • Guests and guest families are limited to three days per month for a total of nine visits.
  • A weekly rate is available for houseguests from out-of-town (outside a 50-mile radius of Springfield.).
  • Children of guest, 3 and under shall be admitted free.
  • There will be no guest fee for guests using the patio, deck, and concession areas only. (Excludes fenced areas around the pools.)
  • Conduct of a guest is the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member.

Members may have guests at the pool for a daily charge of $5.00 for individuals or $20.00 for a family. Each local guest is limited to 3 visits within 30 days with a MAXIMUM OF 9 VISITS during the season. (Please note that a local guest is not allowed 9 visits with every member he/she may know at Colony West. The TOTAL number of times a guest may visit our pool is limited to 9!!!) This policy is strictly enforced and is to ensure minimal overcrowding for our members. Out-of-town guests (outside a 50-mile radius of Springfield) may use the pool at a weekly rate of $25.00 for an individual or $50.00 for a family. All guests must be accompanied by a member while using the pool and must sign in at the front window. This policy is strictly enforced.

Friends, Fun and Floating!