These rules are put in place to provide a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable environment for all swimmers and members. Consequences can range from sitting out or being asked to leave the pool, and even possible revocations of membership.

  • Lifeguards on duty need to focus on the swimmers and be ready at a moment’s notice for emergencies. Unnecessary and/or excessive conversations with lifeguards on duty will not be permitted.
Diving Boards
  • Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board.
  • Inward or reverse dives will not be permitted.
  • Use of the diving well and boards are restricted to qualified swimmers only.
  • Children who cannot pass a swim test are not permitted in the diving well.
Permitted/Prohibited Items
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on pool property.
  • Glass containers are not permitted on pool property.
  • Tanning lotions and sunscreens must be in plastic or tube containers.
  • Children wearing a diaper must wear a swim diaper. Regular diapers are not permitted in any of the pools. Swim diapers are not permitted in the big pool.
  • Air mattresses, tubes, and large inflatables are permitted in the medium pool.
  • Masks and fins are permitted in the large pool with permission of the manager on duty.
  • Sponge-type balls are permitted in the pool except when such activity impacts the safety and enjoyment of others present.
  • Running, tag games, and rough play are not permitted on pool property.
General Rules
  • Children under 12 may not enter the pool unless accompanied by a person designated by the child’s parents as responsible for the care of the child.
  • Lounge chairs are reserved for adults. Children may use the chairs unless adults request them.
  • Only concession personnel are permitted inside the concession stand.
  • All bicycles must be parked in the bike area.
  • Damage to Club property, including trees and shrubbery, will not be permitted; members, their children, and/or their guests who cause such damage will held personally responsible.

All rules are subject to change. Changes will be posted in the pool area.