Now through January 1st, purchase your 2024 Family Membership at $425 ($25 off) or Individual Membership at $213 ($12 off)!

Who doesn’t want to save a bit of money? 
Tell your family and friends, this offer is for new and existing members.

Existing members may pay their 2024 season dues online through their MemberSplash accounts at colonywest.membersplash.com or by check, dropped off or mailed to the pool at 2725 Bennington Dr. 62704. There is a mail slot to the right of the pool window. The MemberSplash database was set up as a convenience, requested by our membership to allow for online payments. This is available as your choice, however, there is a 3% plus .25 cent convenience charge from MemberSplash for payments made online.

New members will have a $200 initiation fee to pay in addition to the annual dues. Please find a new member form on our website colonywestswimclub.com. New member forms are only required to be completed and submitted by new members joining for the first time in 2024. Sorry, the new member form and the $200 initiation fee may not be submitted on-line. Please drop these off or mail to the pool.

As you may have noticed, we have been trying to take advantage of the social media platform and we do tend to take pictures now and again. By paying your membership you are allowing us to photograph members within your account. Photos will NEVER be posted with names attached. IF YOU DO NOT wish to have a photo of your family member used in our social media sharing, please send an email to BOTH our business mgr. Julie Sullivan at [email protected] AND to our current pool manager, Jo Ann Isham at [email protected]. Please remember to attach an updated photo of your family members so we may recognize who not to photograph. 

We wish you all a blessed and joyous holiday season!



To answer some questions you may be thinking…
At the beginning of the season, we hire every lifeguard who applies and is able to pass the testing.
This year we have had 26 lifeguards on our payroll. Sixteen of those 26 will be leaving for college. Of the remaining 10, half of them are in fall sports at their High School. Since we still have 21 pool days and need at least 3-4 lifeguards on duty at a time, you can see where this is a problem.
We have reached out to the colleges in the area hoping to get some of the college students who were lifeguards elsewhere over the summer.
We have checked with our insurance agent about opening “at your own risk”. Unfortunately, we can not allow this to happen. Our insurance agent has informed us that we are opening ourselves up to lawsuits and that the signature on a waiver means nothing if the right attorney is found in the event of an emergency,
Please remember, as a member you are part owner of this establishment. We the staff and the board of directors do our part to keep things running as smoothly as we can, but  it has indeed been a rough summer and times like these, especially, are out of our control. We need the understanding and help of you, the membership, to get through. Please know and remember, we are a member owned, not-for-profit, establishment and we would not be able to exist without the dues paid by our members. 

With all sincerity and hopes that we can get a few young, middle aged, and/or seniors to try there hand at lifeguarding to help us out.

Julie Sullivan, Business Mgr.
Jo Ann Isham, General Manager
And all of our Board of Directors here at Colony West Swim Club