Dues and Fees

Dues and Fees
  • New Member Initiation Fee:  $200.00
  • Family Membership $425
  • Individual Membership $212.50
  • Please make checks  payable to The Colony West Swim Club and return to:
    Colony West Swim Club, Inc.
    Attn: Julie Sullivan
    2725 Bennington Drive
    Springfield, IL 62704
Dues & Fees Inclusions
  • All returned checks for insufficient funds will be assessed a $35 service fee.
  • Dues are subject to change annually, based on the operational needs of the Colony West Swim Club.
  • Dues paid by returning members are due annually by May 1st in order to avoid a $50 late fee.
  • All fees are to be collected by the first use of the pool.
  • A family membership is limited to the household. This includes two adults and children. Any adult child (ages 22 or older) or any additional adult (ie, grandparents, nanny, etc.) will require proof of residency. Examples of proof of residency would be a copy of a current driver’s license, current state issued ID, or any other government issued document. 
  • Submission of a New Member Application, must include the initiation fee.